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Ranked in the top 3% of Hampton Roads real estate agents for 2021, find out why buyers and sellers are putting their trust in me! I am a Hampton Roads local with a passion for real estate, dogs and local eateries! I pride myself on being “the people’s agent” and making the home buying or selling process as breezy as possible. But don’t just take my word for it, click over to the testimonials page to see what past clients have to say!


Real Estate isn’t just about bricks, wood, kitchens and baths. It is about neighbors, amenities, location and work-life balance. You have to know the area. I have lived in Hampton Roads my whole life. I know what each area offers: traffic patterns, shopping, jet-noise, you name it. Call me to find your perfect home.

Cait Dunleavy

Cait Dunleavy

Real Estate Expert — 757-777-8557